Are your lights on?

Mark and I were out most of the past weekend seeing family and when we got home – I noticed something……I had left about half the lights on in my house. The basement lights, the bathroom lights, some in the kitchen, one spare bedroom light. It’s like I just walked out of the house without even thinking. I’m glad I had both shoes on! Or perhaps I was trying to live out my own little Trace Adkins video for “All the Lights in the House are On.” And I admit, that’s not my security system to keep away the bad guys while gone.

I know growing up I couldn’t stand it when my mom would yell, “Miranda – did you turn off the light in your room?” Well – mom had a reason, and I guess it’s time I start following the advice in my own home. If you take just one minute to walk through your home, making sure to turn off all lights and even unplug some unused electronics before a weekend trip away-that one minute in savings would be the equivalent of a $50 an hour wage. Sometimes saving money is really just about doing the little things, and doing them consistently- so that you can see the results…in your bank statement.

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