Automatic Withdrawals

I’ll admit it….. I am horribly unorganized. So keeping my schedule together, cleaning my house, and dealing with the mail is difficult. I’m unorganized, and slightly scatterbrained (some people would say more than slightly –and those people would be my co-workers and husband!) I have taken the TV remote outside, thought I lost my phone WHILE talking on it, and more times than not I leave my house only to turn around to get my purse, my phone, or whatever. I have come up with different ways to help me deal with my flightiness; list-making apps on my phone, reminders on my computer, and a daily planner that has dozens of scribbled notes all over the pages, I am constantly fighting to keep myself together.

I also have some systems to help keep my finances organized. I use Automatic Withdrawals for every bill possible. It’s safe to use, you still get a statement so you know exactly how much your bill is and when it will be taken from your account, and sometimes the business will even give you a $1 or .50 discount. I mean – a discount is always a discount! And then I am never left searching for a stamp when the check needs to get mailed, or realizing on the 13th of the month that I never paid that monthly bill due on the 1st. For most businesses, you can either call them or use their website to get Automatic Withdrawal set up. Their Customer Service Reps will be happy to help you out if you have any questions. I promise the few minutes you spend setting up the Automatic Withdrawals will save you time, and maybe some money in the future.

No matter how innocent it may be, forgetting to pay a bill can be costly. So take advantage of an easy, reliable way for you to stay on top of those payments with Automatic Withdrawals. And also……well I was going to say something funny here but I forgot what it was.

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