Blue Heron Athlete of the Week

This week’s Blue Heron Athlete of the Week is Clay Center Tiger Cross Country Runner Austin Sturdy. This past week Austin ran away from the field at the Republic County Invitational held at the Belleville Country Club.
Austin Sturdy claimed gold at the event as he ran a time of 16:44.53; he finished 16 seconds faster than the 2nd place runner.
Along with Sturdy’s individual championship; he led the Clay Center Tiger boys team to the Team Title as well.
One of the elite runners across the state; this week’s Blue Heron Athlete of the Week is Tiger Cross Country’s Austin Sturdy.

To nominate an athlete for the weekly honor; send your nominations to

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Blue Heron Athlete of the Week

It’s time to announce the Blue Heron Athlete of the Week.
This week it belongs to The Blue Valley Rams Levi Peter. The speedster helped get the Rams to a second straight win to start the season as Blue Valley took a 56-36 win at home in Randolph this past Friday.
Peter Found the end zone ‘Four’ times and had his Rams up 36-8 at halftime.
Levi did it in several ways; amassing 182 yards of total offense on the night.
Tremendous performance from Levi Peter of Blue Valley; it earns him the Blue Heron Athlete of the Week!

If you’d like to nominate an athlete in any of the fall sports; football; volleyball; cross country; tennis or golf submit your nominations by email to .
Please include the name, school and the statistics for the nomination.

This week’s Blue Heron Athlete of the Week is Levi Peter of the Blue Valley Rams

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The Blue Heron Athlete of the Week

Here’s a new feature that will be announced every Thursday; The Blue Heron Athlete of the Week. We will look at a performance by an athlete from the KCLY Community in a high school Fall Sport: Golf; Tennis; Cross Country; Volleyball or Football.
This week’s Blue Heron Athlete of the Week is the Clay Center Tiger’s Caleb Carson.
Carson in the opening Football Friday against Riley County racked up some phenomenol numbers.
Where do you start?
It could be the 4 touchdowns scored.
It could be the 314 yards rushing…314! That was on 20 carries; 15.7 per carry.
You can add 57 yards passing; completing 4-9.
Two extra points kicked; 2 punts that averaged 36.5 yards.
6 tackles on the defensive side as well.
Oh and the go ahead touchdown pass to Ricky Huse with 13 seconds to go in the game.
An amazing performance…and certainly worthy of being named the Blue Heron Athlete of the Week!

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Hey come join KCLY on Twitter.
Love to have you follow us!

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Election Results Tonight on KCLY

While Rocky and Flip bring you the Vinyl Years tonight; be sure and listen for updates at 8,9 and 10 p.m. on KCLY Community election results with Michelle Tessaro.

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Keep Checking to “Listen Live’

If you have clicked on the ‘Listen Live’ button and had no results…we are aware of the problem and are working with the host.
Keep checking in; we hope to be back soon!
Thanks For Stopping In.

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It’s Ice Cream Friday at KCLY

We’ve already made and eaten homemade ice cream. A great way to start Friday! I’m sure we’ll have some for lunch, too!

The vanilla recipe we used was from Mary Greenlee and the chocolate one was found online. It was a little different than the traditional recipes with cream and eggs. For the chocolate, all you need is sweetened condensed milk, cool whip and chocolate milk. Both recipes turned out great!





















Thanks for participating with us!

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Thanks for the Recipes!

Duane Toews digging into our Friday Homemade Ice Cream; celebrating National Ice Cream Month…It was delicious! Thanks for the recipes…Breakfast of Champions!

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Ice Cream Recipes

There are still a few days left in July to enjoy National Ice Cream Month.

Thanks to all who shared their homemade ice cream recipes with us. Now, we want to share those recipes with you! We will be making both vanilla and chocolate at the station to enjoy this Friday. Won’t you join us in making your own?

This recipe is from Cindy Kahrs


4 1/2 C half & half
2 1/4 C sugar
4 1/2 T instant coffee
6 C whipping cream

Combine all in cream canister. Stir until sugar dissolves. Freeze as directed.

*This recipe is for a large ice cream maker-do the math for a smaller version


These next two are from Elelanor McChesney

Here is the recipe (somewhat modified) my mother used. She had farm fresh eggs and plenty of cream and milk.
Figure one egg (or equivalent amount of Egg Beaters) for each quart of ice cream you are making.
One half as many cups of sugar as the number of eggs 1-1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla or to taste; few drops of lemon extract; dash of salt.
Beat these ingredients together until light and fluffy. Add 1-1 1/2 boxes of instant pudding mix, any flavor desired and beat a little longer. Add 1 quart cream or half and half (more or less as desired) and beat again. (I have used liquid coffee creamer for lactose intolerant people.) Pour into ice cream canister and add enough whole milk to fill the can about 3/4 full. Freeze as directed.


For 1 gallon of ice cream:
1 small pkg. of instant chocolate pudding mix
2 eggs or equivalent amoung of Egg Beaters
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 1/2 cups malted milk powder
1 cup whipping cream or liquid non-dairy coffee creamer
2 pints half and half
Whip the eggs; add sugar, cocoa. Add other ingredients alternately with malted milk powder. Add to freezer can and enough whole milk to fill the can 3/4 full. Freeze as directed.


These next two were dropped off at the radio station



1 cup sugar

1 12 oz can evaporated milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 pint heavy whipping cream

3 t. Vanilla

Milk to the “fill” line



2 c sugar

6 eggs

1 qt. cream

2 – 12oz cans evaporated milk

¼- ½  c vanilla

Pinch salt

1 jigger of “Crown Royal” (must be Crown Royal)

Add milk if needed to reach fill line in freezer

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Twin Valley and Green Team Remote Today

KCLY is broadcasting live at the Green Team in Clay Center. Check out the new wifi Hotspot; the Dunk Tank and a take a chance to win a Dodge Dart…food and treats too.

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