Auction for Leland McCollum

Auction Items for Leland (Red) McCollum

July 20, 2012 – 1:00pm

1. Knock out rose bush, does well in the sun. Hardy hydrangea, lime light, white with green tinge, does well in the shade. Donated by Bergstrom’s Greenhouse

2. 1/2 Hog – Donated by Henry’s LTD and processed by Clay Center Locker – Ready in 2-3 weeks. Packaged however you want it – Processing sponsored by United Bank & Trust & Union State Bank

3. (1) Large pizza of your choice each month for a year from Clay Center Pizza Hut – Donated by the Clay Center Pizza Hut. Plus (4) KC Royals Baseball Tickets with parking pass – based on available games – Donated by Rose Pritchard of Bernie’s Pizza Company.

4. (2) hours housecleaning, yard work or miscellaneous work by Leann Bott-Spomer

5. A day at the spa. (1) hr massage, pedicure, manicure & cut & style at the Mane Effect – Massage donated by the Mane Effect

6. A $10 meal a month for a year from Nelson’s Landing – sponsored by Wardcraft Homes Inc.

7. 32″ Toshiba flat screen TV – HD LCD from Radio Shack – Donated by Patterson’s Healthmart & Radio Shack

8. 1/2 Hog – Donated by Henry’s LTD & Processed by Clay Center Locker – Ready in 2-3 weeks. Packaged however you want it.

Make checks out to: Leland McCollum Fund

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They Live!

It’s fuzzy…but here’s a picture of our biggest Sea Munster. We think he might be the biggest because he’s eaten all but one of the others. It always looks as though the other remaining one is hiding from him in fear.










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KCLY On Line!

If you travel outside the KCLY listening area; we’re still with you now. Just head to our home page; click ‘KCLY Listen Live’ and you got us. KCLY now on line; check it out!

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National Ice Cream Month

It has come to our attention that July is National Ice Cream Month and we’re a little sad that we haven’t been celebrating it already. After much debate on the air this morning as to the best kind of ice cream, Rocky and Chelsie decided that you just can’t beat homemade vanilla.

It just wouldn’t be right for us to continue to not celebrate National Ice Cream Month, so we need your help! We are looking for your favorite homemade ice cream recipe. We’ll compile a list, share the recipes with you and choose one for us to make and try at the KCLY studios.

Send your recipe to us in the comment section of the blog, by emailing us at or by posting it to our Facebook page.

Join us in continuing to Celebrate Summer!

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A Change in The Vinyl Years

I hope you tune in Monday thru Friday nights for the Vinyl Years. Those of you who hang out with Flip and I in the 60′s at 6; the 70′s at 7 and the 80′s at 8 p.m. know that things are a little different once we hit 9 p.m. We are taking one individual year from the 60′s; 70′s or 80′s and giving you a ‘backstage’ pass into that year. Digging into info about the music, the pop culture, the headlines and more.
Come check it all out sometime…it’s fun living in the Vinyl Years!

Rock On,


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Saving for Later

My birthday is coming up soon! I realize I’m getting older and am supposed to start hating my birthday – but I don’t, at least not yet. And thinking about my birthday starts me thinking about presents! ( I know – I’m just like a kid.) And while thinking about presents, it made me think of that other time of the year when everyone is buying gifts. Christmas is less than 6 months away, and it’s never too soon to start planning ahead.

One of my favorite Bank Accounts is the Christmas Club account. Most banks and credit unions offer some sort of account similar to this. It’s usually a savings account you transfer money into weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever works for you. These accounts typically don’t allow you to withdraw money, or might penalize you if you do withdraw money, before a certain day (typically sometime in late October.) Talk about a good incentive to put some money away, and leave it there! You then receive all those savings, either by check or transferring into your checking account, so you’re ready to spend it.

I have an idea of how much money I spend every holiday season, I divided that by about 40 or 45, and transferred that amount out of my checking account and into this Special Occasion Account weekly. And yes, I know there’s 52 weeks in a year, but this gives me a little leeway. If you start an account like this now, you’ll need to figure the amount you want to have saved up, the number of weeks you have until you’ll need the money, and how often you want to transfer money (maybe every payday or maybe every Monday.) And some people will just deposit money whenever they can. Maybe once a month you gather up all the coins from everyone’s pockets and deposit that money, or maybe you have a little side project and so all the money from that goes into this account.

Being able to save ahead of time, especially for a time of year when you know you’ll spend a large amount of money, is very important. By using these savings, you won’t have to put everything on a credit card and end up paying those Finance Fees. So call your bank today, ask them about your options, and start saving!


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A Sea Munster Lives!

For those who have been following the Sea Monkey saga. This morning I came in to find one of our new pets; swimming like crazy. I think we have to name the first one ‘Herman Munster’. I hope the rest of his family comes to life soon.

Again; I will really try not to tell Chelsie “I told you so…”

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Auction for Brenda Nelson

Auction Items for Brenda Nelson Auction at 1:00pm June 22, 2012

1. Keystone Neon Light – Donated by Lisa Noel plus a Green Marble Sculpture Base – Pyramid Shape 6′ across the top x 9′ across the bottom x 8′ tall – Made & donated by Jim & Donna Klein







2. Walnut China Hutch – 7ft tall x 4 ft. wide – 2 Wood framed glass doors on top with 2 shelves – 2 solid wood doors on bottom, with 2 shelves, one pulls out- nice condition – Donated by Jean Francis

3. Beautiful water resistant lady’s pulsar silver & gold watch – donated by Hoover Jewelers – $125 value plus a Timex collectible mini clock – original package & a Waterbury Clock Co. collectible clock – original package – Donated by Jim & Donna Klein

4. 1/2 hog – Donated by Henry’s LTD & processed by Clay Center Locker – ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Packaged however you want it – processing sponsored by Hutchinson Mayrath Mfg.

5. A day at the spa – $50 gift certificate for Nail Services donated by Certified Nail Technician, Christie Hartner from House of Style by Jamie plus a 1 hour massage from the Mane Effect – $60 value – Doanted by the Mane Effect; plus a pedicure from Laura Michael’s Salon – $35 value – Donated by Laura Michael’s Salon

6. a $10 meal a month for a year from Brady’s Smokehouse – Sponsored by Union State Bank & United Bank & Trust plus Rock Island Westward Memories of the High Line – Written, Autographed & Donated by Thomas R. Lee

7. 4 burner Grill Mate gas grill from Wall’s True Value – $240 value – sponsored by Citizen’s National Bank, Hileman & Lips Enterprises & Wall’s True Value – complete with propane bottle, donated by Propane Central LLC and 10lb Hamburger patties & 10lb brats from Clay Center Locker – Sponsored by Hess & Sons Salvage in Junction City

8. 1/2 hog – Donated by Henry’s LTD & Processed by Clay Center Locker – Ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Packaged however you want it.

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The Ewings

As someone who never watched the original Dallas (my wife finds this unbelievable); I have to say thru two episodes; I’m liking it.
First; I think it’s cool they got the original cast to sign on. They didn’t recreate it. Second; I know Larry Hagman as the likeable astronaut in I Dream of Jeannie. But; he’s pretty badass as J.R.
I also know Patrick Duffy (Bobby)as the Man from Atlantis (anybody remember that short lived show…he had ‘webbed fingers’!). So; I guess I’ll see you at Southfork next week.

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Benifit Auction Today

Bidders get ready! This afternoon at 1; KCLY will host an on air benifit auction for Brenda Nelson. Tune in to help out one of your KCLY Community Neighbors. Auction items will be listed on here later this morning.

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