CCARE Partners with Family Dollar/Dollar Tree

CCARE has partnered with Family Dollar/Dollar Tree once again for a Dog Day Out Wishlist Event. June 24th, CCARE hosted the event along with some of the dogs from the shelter from 9-11am in Clay Center.

This event was one of many Dog Day Out events the shelter organizes with the community. For Valentine’s Day they worked with Family Dollar/Dollar Tree and collected product donations throughout the month to help fulfill their wishlist. This year they’ve also walked the dogs to the Zoo in March, in April they hosted a Bark & Brew event at the Brewhouse, and have even brought the dogs to the community BBQ hosted by Union State Bank last month. They’re currently in the works with Happy Hippie to set something up with them soon.

Board member and volunteer Julie Mohn said these events are about the dogs and getting them out of the shelter for several hours to meet people. She said at most of their events they set up a booth with volunteers who can provide information on adopting, fostering and volunteering. Their aim is to set up more dog day out events this year, and encourages anyone who’s interested in participating to contact CCARE.

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