Clay County Museum Working With Local Students To Create Dino Dig Table

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo courtesy of the museum

The Clay County Museum is working on a new exhibit for their geology section.

Grace Kensa, the museum’s Curator of Documents, said within the past year the museum has been working with students from Garfield Elementary and Clay Center Community High School to design and create a dinosaur dig table.

Kenza said the new exhibit will be funded in part by a $2,000 donation. The table will have three sections divided by age group and will allow youth to dig up dinosaurs in the form of stylized tokens. The tokens can be exchanged for a prize or kept as a souvenir. Kenza said the museum also hopes to include fake dinosaur bones in the exhibit alongside a rug featuring images of those same bones, if possible. Kenza said the rug would help catch sand from the table and allow the kids to match their finds to the bones displayed on the rug.

Kenza said the upcoming exhibit is part of the Clay County Museum’s effort to attract younger visitors, get them interested in history, and leave a lasting, positive impact.

Kenza said the museum expects the dino dig table exhibit to be completed by the end of the summer.

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