Community Chamber Orchestra Looking To Increase Participation and Interest

By Quinn O’Hara

Since 1997, the Community Chamber Orchestra has performed in several north central Kansas communities.

The Community Chamber Orchestra was formed by its director, Dr. Anne Clark, as a way to continue to provide string instrument lessons and community after orchestra classes were discontinued in Clay County Schools. Clark says her program is unique in Kansas, and there aren’t any similar orchestras in the state. According to Clark, the Orchestra currently has about 8 rural participants, but at one point had 35.

Clark is looking to recruit more members and increase attendance. Clark says it’s a quote, “year round labor of love” to continue raising interest in the program:

The Orchestra does several local events each year, such as the mini-concert and mini-lessons at the Clay Center Carnegie Children’s Library this past summer. Those interested in joining the Community Chamber Orchestra can visit their website at, or send Dr. Anne Clark an email at

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