Community Gives Input on Proposed Slaughterhouse in Junction City

Junction City, Kan. — The CL Hoover Opera House in Junction City held many concerned citizens from and around the city both for and against the possibility of a beef harvesting plant coming into the city.

Those against were able to sign a petition and also receive a free yard sign that read “Stop the Slaughterhouse.”

The community meeting started off with two speakers. One was Mike Blaske, a former Architecture Professor at KSU, and the other was Donald Stull, the author of the book Slaughterhouse Blues.

Map of the proposed location of the slaughterhouse in Junction City. The red colored in section is where the facility would be located.

There were two main concerns from many were the location being considered and the lack of communication and transparency with the community about the beef harvesting plant. Some, including Kelsey Mann, said part of the issue is in the communication and transparency of the project.

In attendance was County Commissioner Trish Giordano. She said the community will be included in this no matter what.

She added while she was excited when she first heard about the jobs coming to the community, she has the same concerns as the rest of the community as she lives within two miles of the proposed location.

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