KDWP to Host Wildland Fire and Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Training in Western Kansas

DODGE CITY – The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks’ Public Lands Division is partnering with the Kansas Forest Service and Hutchinson Community College Fire Science Program to conduct a wildland fire training and hazardous fuels mitigation project from April 1-7, 2023. For the second year in a row, the hands-on workshop will take place at KDWP’s Historic Lake Scott State Park and Scott Wildlife Area in western Kansas. During the week-long training, Public Lands staff expect to host approximately 90-100 firefighters and multiple fire engines.

“Workshops of this nature provide wildland firefighters with critical skills and knowledge necessary to fight fire safely on a rural landscape,” said KDWP regional supervisor Manuel Torres. “By hosting at Historic Lake Scott State Park and Scott Wildlife Area, we’ll not only provide participants with real-life experience, but we’ll also reduce hazardous fuels on the properties while improving wildlife habitat at the same time.”

The wildland fire training and hazardous fuels reduction project started in 2005. Since then, more than 500 firefighters have been trained, and nearly 4,500 acres in Kansas have been mitigated with fuel breaks for wildfire, providing many other safety, habitat and ecological benefits.

To view a video from the 2022 workshop, click HERE.

While the workshop takes place, Scott Wildlife Area will be closed to public access – including all hunting activity; Historic Lake Scott State Park will remain open to visitors.

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