K-State Extension’s PRIDE Program Boosts Wakefield

By Quinn O’Hara

For over 25 years the K-State Extension Office has helped to bolster the community of Wakefield through their PRIDE program.

The PRIDE acronym stands for Proud Residents Instilling Dedication & Excellence in our community.

Betsy Striggow-Liebau is the current President of Wakefield PRIDE. She says the program has been a part of the Wakefield community for a long time:

A large part of the Wakefield PRIDE program’s contributions come in the form of grant or donation funded projects, such as the disc golf course in the Clay County Park. Wakefield PRIDE’s most recent grant came from the Masonic Lodge:

Wakefield PRIDE hosts meetings once a month and encourages all members of the Wakefield community to come share their views and ideas on how to make Wakefield a better place.

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