Red Balloon Day Raises Awareness On Drug Endangered Children In Kansas

By Quinn O’Hara

Several Clay County organizations recently partnered together to create Red Balloon Day. Held at the Clay County Health Department on May 1, the event raised awareness on drug endangered children in Kansas.

Those partners include the Clay Counts Coalition, Grow Clay County, the Clay County Health Department, and the Clay Center Police Department. First on the agenda was May’s Wake Up Wednesday with a presentation on Red Balloon Day by Lori Martin of the Clay Counts Coalition.

Additionally, the Clay County Health Department accepted surrendered prescription drugs during the event as a way to remove unused medications from the community.

Martin also discussed the Red Backpack Challenge as a way community members can help drug endangered children. By participating in the challenge, folks will ‘adopt’ one of the available backpacks and fill it with items a drug endangered child would need after coming under the care of Child Protective Services. The provided list includes hygiene items, clothes, and comfort items like blankets or stuffed animals.

Martin urged community members to unite with the Clay Counts Coalition and their partners in support of the community’s youth and drug endangered children by participating in the Red Backpack Challenge and other related efforts.

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