Kansas Judicial Branch Prepares for Domain Switch to .gov, Ensuring Seamless Transition and Enhanced Security Measures

By Trish Svoboda

On July 1, The Kansas court system will change its domain from .org to .gov on the judicial branch website, the online attorney registration portal, and an online attorney directory.

Additional sites, systems, and portals will also transition and are listed on an informational webpage on the judicial branch website.

The judicial branch will also be changing email addresses for the court system’s 290 justices and judges, and about 1,700 employees. These changes will occur in several stages and may take several weeks to complete the process.

Chief Justice Marla Luckert emphasized that transitioning from .org to .gov will clearly indicate to all users of judicial branch services that they are interacting with a government entity.

Multiple sites, systems and portals will be affected by this change, however, users should experience little disruption. Web traffic will automatically reroute to the new location.

“We’re raising awareness about the change, so no one is surprised, but we expect it to be seamless for the people who depend on our online resources and services,” Luckert said. “At most, we recommend people update their bookmarks as the change is applied, so they reflect our updated domain.”

The federal government regulates access to .gov domains, enhancing their desirability as they distinctly identify the Kansas judicial branch as a government entity. In addition .gov domains adhere to specific regulations, ensuring a secure environment for all government operations. Following domain security protocols guarantees users a safe online experience.

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