Waterville to Hold EMT Classes Starting This Saturday

By Ryan Duey

Waterville will be hosting EMT classes starting March 23rd. The cost of tuition is $1,250 plus additional expenses for books and testing. Financial assistance might be available through local ambulance services. Individuals aged 17 or older are encouraged to enroll in the upcoming Waterville class, which will run on Monday and Thursday evenings, with occasional Saturday morning sessions.

Marshall County faces a pressing shortage of emergency medical technicians (EMTs), highlighted by Caroline Scoville of Washington EMS. Across the region, ambulance services are grappling with staffing shortages.

EMTs in rural areas are predominately staffed by volunteers or part-time employees. Without dedicated individuals, sustaining ambulance services can be a challenge. EMT numbers have declined over the years in the area.

For more details, contact Caroline Scoville at Washington EMS.

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