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The History

KCLY has been providing music, news, sports and weather since the 1970’s under the ownership of Taylor Communications.  100.9 FM is ‘Radio For Grown-Ups’.

KCLY is a radio station for people who have families; make decisions for households; watch their kids play sports; pay bills and want to know what’s happening in their communities…..people who take care of responsibilities; but know how to have fun!

There is a wide variety to choose from with KCLY.  Daytime Programming features 70’s, 80’s, Adult Contemporary, Country and Christian artists.  If you want a look back at your favorites then check out the ‘Vinyl Years,’  weeknights from 6-10 pm, with 60’s at 6; 70’s at 7; 80’s at 8 and ‘The Backstage Hour’ at 9.   Then you’ll want to stay tuned for ‘The Night Shift’ each night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  On Saturday nights, you can ‘Flip Thru the 70’s’ from 7-11pm, featuring all of your 70’s classics.

KCLY is a leader in news and sports coverage in the KCLY Community.  Daily 7, Noon and 5 news reports look in detail at the area, and live play-by-play action can be found throughout the school year.

You will also find extensive coverage of severe weather on KCLY.  We have a severe weather team on call to be on the air to keep you up to date on weather information.

Thanks for checking out KCLY Radio For Grown-Ups; make yourself part of the KCLY Community.