KDA Seeking Input from Farmers and others in Agriculture Industry About Workforce

Manhattan, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Agriculture has sent out a second Kansas Agriculture Workforce Needs Assessment Survey after a similar one was conducted in 2015.

Russell Plaschka, KDA agribusiness development director, said this follow up survey will get into more detail about specifically what jobs are out there with workforce shortage being the number one issue heard from farmers, agriculture businesses and manufactures.

There have already been small steps to help alleviate the issue. Plaschka says though there is no quick answer to the shortage.

He says those are sometimes the people that are missed when looking at recruiting for jobs in agriculture. That’s were the Immersion activity they developed comes in.

Plaschka is encouraging anyone who is in an agricultural related field to fill out the survey. The survey can be found online at agriculture.ks.gov/workforce.
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