2023-24 SowBridge Educational Series Registration Open for Swine Producers

Manhattan, KS— Registration is now underway for SowBridge, a 15 college and university cooperative distance educational series for those who work with sows, boars, piglets, and with genetic and reproductive issues. Programming begins in early February and will be provided online through Zoom or via call-in option.


Dr. Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University extension swine specialist, shares that participants guide the selection of future topics and speakers, and attendees have the opportunity for the live interaction with each session speakers.


“SowBridge provides all participants with the opportunity to hear directly from industry leading experts, and to contact those experts following the individual sessions,” he explained.


Sessions generally are hosted on the first Wednesday of the month and run from 11:15 a.m. to about 12:15 p.m. central time.


During each session, participants can ask questions of the industry expert presenter from the comfort of their home, office or swine unit. Each registration provides access to one Zoom connection per session and all program materials provided by presenters.


The cost is $200 for the first registration, and half that amount for each subsequent registration from the same entity.


Registration is due Jan. 20, 2023, to ensure participants have access to materials for the first session on Feb. 1. Additional information and a registration form is available on the Iowa Pork Industry Center at https://www.ipic.iastate.edu/sowbridge.html or at KSUSwine.org.

The 2023-24 program session dates and topics are as follows.

  • Feb. 1 — Why the concern with feral pigs?
  • March 1 — Identifying ASF at barn level.                      
  • April 5 — FAD frontline response battles.
  • May 3 — Managing heat check boars.     
  • May 31 — Antimicrobial use and resistance.
  • July 5 — Scours management and mitigation.
  • Aug. 2 — Managing fevers post farrowing.
  • Sept. 6 — Farm security: How to keep your barn secure.
  • Oct. 4 — Identifying sick sows early / individual sow care.
  • Nov. 1 — Farrowing assistance practices.
  • Dec. 6 — Importance of record keeping.
  • Jan. 3. 2024 —Sow mortality considerations.


For more information on registration, contact Joel DeRouchey at jderouch@ksu.edu or Sheri Hoyer, Iowa State University, at 515-294-4496 or shoyer@iastate.edu.

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