Brandon Wirth With Engaged Kansas Speaks at Clay Center Rotary Club Meeting

On Thursday, July 27th, Brenden Wirth from Engaged Kansas spoke at the Clay Center Rotary Club meeting. provides resources to anyone who is considering running for office. Their goal is to provide unbiased and nonpartisan resources that teach individuals more about roles and responsibilities in local offices. They also provide information and tools that teach individuals how to run a campaign, be an effective leader, and network with other Kansans.

Wirth grew up on a cattle and alfalfa farm in Central Kansas. He then attended Kansas State University, earning his degree in political science. From 2000-2022, he was a Field Service Manager for the Kansas Farm Bureau, where he helped agricultural leaders across North Central Kansas.

He is now serving as KFB Director of Political Affairs, where he can work with VOTEFBF Board of Directors and Engaged Kansas to recruit and elect Kansans to local, state, and federal political offices. Wirth’s favorite part of his job is helping agriculture leaders pursue their passions in agriculture.

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