Ethanol Discounts Available at Kansas Corn Earth Day Promotions

Manhattan, KS– Drivers can save money and help the environment on Earth Day with Kansas Corn’s “Fuel Clean Air Pitstop” promotion. Kansas Corn is teaming up with over 50 fuel stations across the state to help fuel clean air by offering Earth Day discounts for ethanol fuels. Several independent stations as well as many Casey’s General Stores and 24/7 Travel Stores will offer a 22-cent-per-gallon discount on E15/Unleaded 88 fuels from 2-4 p.m. on Earth Day, Friday, April 22. E15 is approved for use in all passenger vehicles 2001 and newer, nearly every car on the road today. Additionally, Jump Start stations are offering the discount for E30, a 30% ethanol blend for flex fuel vehicles all day (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.).
The Earth Day “Fuel Clean Air Pitstop” fuel discounts are offered through Kansas Corn’s Fueled by Kansas campaign, and participating stations can be found at
Kansas Corn is supporting the “Fuel Clean Air Pitstop” at stations across the state to raise awareness of ethanol blended fuels that are earth-friendly, higher performing, lower cost and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. E15 has become a popular fuel for many drivers who can find the lower cost, Earth-friendly fuel at over 75 stations across the state.
“Using ethanol-blended fuels is like pushing the “Easy Button” at the fuel pump when it comes to saving money and supporting clean air,” Kansas Corn Director of Market and Leadership Development Emily Koop said. “The retailers we have worked with who offer E15 and higher ethanol blends tell us their customers love having additional fuel choices that are easy on the wallet and the environment.”

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