Governor Laura Kelly Directs State Agencies to Waive Fees for Kansans Affected by Wildfires in Reno and Harvey Counties

Topeka, KS – After touring the area, Governor Laura Kelly today directed Executive Branch agencies to assist Kansans who were impacted by the wildfires that spread through Reno and Harvey Counties on March 5, 2022. In response, the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) will waive fees for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and vehicle registrations for those who were impacted. The Kansas Department of Agriculture will also continue to support their Kansas Wildfire Resource website, which provides information on US Department of Agriculture programs, which are designed to offset losses sustained to fencing, hay, and livestock.
“These fires have placed an immense financial burden and have taken a significant emotional toll on those who were impacted in Reno and Harvey Counties,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “We want to ensure that we are not adding to the stress these Kansans are facing right now. My directives will help speed the recovery process by allowing those wildfire victims to replace their important documents quickly and begin the rebuilding process.”
Governor Kelly has directed KDOR’s Division of Vehicles to:

  • Waive penalties associated with late vehicle registrations;
  • Waive any fees associated with the reprint or replacement of vehicle registration documentation, printed vehicle certificate of titles, driver’s licenses, and/or identification cards;
  • Issue a temporary driver’s license to an applicant who cannot provide valid documentary evidence so long as the applicant provides compelling evidence proving current lawful presence. Any temporary license issued pursuant to this declaration shall be valid for one year.

KDHE’s Division of Health will:

  • Waive fees for one-time replacement of Kansas birth certificates;
  • Waive fees for one-time replacement of Kansas marriage certificates.

KDHE’s Division of Environment will:

  • Work with County Emergency Managers to process and expedite approvals for Disposal Without Permits for damaged/destroyed structures, debris, and livestock;
  • Waive the state’s tonnage fees at landfills for any disaster debris that are hauled to a landfill for disposal;
  • Make district staff available to help with disposal site locations and approvals;
  • Provide locations for composting if preferred alternative to landfilling.

In addition, KDOR Secretary Mark Burghart has waived fees that are typically applied to requests for tax documents from previous years for Kansans affected by these fires. Those requests can be made to Sarah Fulton, Kansas Department of Revenue’s records custodian, by email at
Additional information about recovery resources can be found on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Wildfire Resource Page.

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