K-State Hopes New Program Will Heighten Safety for State’s Farmers

By Ryan Duey

Kansas State University has released a survey to aid Kansas farmers under the new Kansas Agricultural Safety and Health (KASH).

Tawnie Larson, project consultant for KASH stated the purpose of the survey is to hear from Kansans about what they want to see in ag safety and health programming, how they want to receive the information, and what type of work they do in Kansas agriculture.

Kansas agriculture producers make up approximately 60,000 operations and more than 45 million acres. The state’s farmers raise 6.2 million head of cattle, and 2 million pigs among other livestock. The top crops grown include wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and hay. When an injury occurs on the farm, Larson said the median days away from work is 10 days.

Information from the survey will be used to develop programs offered through K-State Research and Extension and to apply for future grants to support programs in the state. The survey is available at k-state.edu/kash.

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