Rep. Tracey Mann Champions Animal Health Research in Upcoming Farm Bill, Advocates for Proactive Measures Over Reactive Controls

By Trish Svoboda

Today, May 8, Representative Tracey Mann advocated on the U.S. House of Representatives floor for substantial investment in animal health research in the upcoming Farm Bill. He argued that such investments would enable the U.S. to focus more on preventing outbreaks rather than controlling them. He said this approach would yield a greater return on American tax dollars by safeguarding the nation’s food supply and limiting animal disease outbreaks before they spread.

The Big First District of Kansas, represented by Rep. Mann, plays a pivotal role in the U.S. animal health corridor. This district is a renowned center for research and development with globally recognized institutions. These include the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biosecurity Research Institute at Kansas State University, and the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility.

Rep. Mann has shown his dedication to these matters, making 26 appearances on the House floor to advocate for his priorities in the upcoming Farm Bill.

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