Senator Jerry Moran Urges Senate Agriculture Committee to Resume Farm Bill Negotiations

By Trish Svoboda

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran spoke on the Senate Floor for his colleagues and the leadership of the Senate Committee on Agriculture to restart discussions on a new Farm Bill.

He highlighted the current stress in American agriculture, with instability in the farm economy and a record drop in farm income. He acknowledged that while Farm Bills are always challenging and often delayed, this one is unique. For the first time he can recall, the head of the Ag Committee appears ready to abandon the Farm Bill, implying to farmers that they should make do with what they currently have.

Senator Moran said that now is the time to demonstrate leadership for America’s farmers and ranchers. Despite the tough decisions that lie ahead, he stressed the importance of not abandoning the process. He described such a move as a failure in duty to America’s farmers and ranchers. He expressed hope that the leaders could return to negotiations and create a Farm Bill that offers substantial and genuine relief for producers in Kansas.

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