Two Clay County AG Values Reported In The Negatives

During the Clay County Commissioners meeting on Feb 5, Clay County Appraiser Danny Mesalles reported on the 2024 Agriculture Values for Clay County.

The difference in Non-Irrigated Average Change for 2023 to 2024 is reported to be -16%, and the Irrigated Average Change for 2023-2024 is reported to be -25%.

According to Mesalles, the reason for the drop in these values isn’t something farmers have much, if any, control over.

Mesalles said the main effect these two values will have on farmers is simply a lower property tax:

Despite the Non-Irrigated and Irrigated Average Change values falling to -16% and -25% respectively, Mesalles reported that values for Pasture Tame has increased by 7%, Pasture Native has increased by 3%, Residential will have an average increase of 9%, and Commercial an increase of 3%.

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