USD 379 Recognized by Kansans Can Star Program

By Quinn O’Hara

Last month, USD 379 received four bronze stars from the KSDE Kansans Can Star Recognition Program.

The goal of the Kansans Can program is to encourage and recognize schools in Kansas who are actively working towards improvement based on the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) model.

USD 379 received stars in four of the available ten categories. Jaclyn Pfizenmaier of USD 379’s Curriculum & Instruction department talks of the awards the district received:

The postsecondary success award was of particular interest to Pfizenmaier, who decided to prepare a report for USD 379’s school board on those statistics:

Pfizenmaier also talked of the types of degrees CCCHS grads earned:

Other schools within the KCLY listening area recognized through the program include Clifton-Clyde of USD 224 with a gold star in the High School Graduation category, Riley County USD 378 with a bronze in the Academically Prepared for Postsecondary category, Marysville USD 364 with a silver in the Postsecondary Success category, and Concordia USD 333 with a bronze in the Social-Emotional Growth category.

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