4th Annual Aggieville Showdown Set to Take over Aggieville Business District

By Ryan Duey

Coming up Saturday, April 6th cattle exhibitors from across the country will be taking over the Aggieville Business District during the 4th Annual Aggieville Showdown.

This unique event takes place in the heart of the Aggieville Business District starting at 6:30 p.m. Christian Calliham, Aggieville Showdown Founder and Executive Director said this unique event features more than just a livestock event.

This year’s judges are Jenna Craft and Holly Meier. Both women bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cattle industry.

This free-to-the-public event is a unique experience for viewers. To learn more about this year’s Aggieville Showdown visit their website at www.aggievilleshowdown.com.

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