Ag Foundation gives all 105 Counties Free Classroom Kits

By Ryan Duey

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (KFAC) has reached its goal of sending out 2,023 free classroom kits to educators across Kansas in 2023. What started as a staff goal quickly grew support from the KFAC board of directors, donors, volunteers, and educators. After the successful release of two-grade group kits in 2022, the demand for the kits grew, and the need for the kits and resources was evident. In 2023, the program expanded to include four-grade group kits, spanning kindergarten through 12th grade.

The lesson plan kit eases the lesson planning burden that teachers face by providing quality, standards-based lessons that are easy to incorporate into the curriculum, encouraging more teachers to incorporate agriculture into their classrooms, and connecting them to other available resources.

These kits reached 50,575 students at more than 810 schools in Kansas. The kits reached all 105 Kansas counties, and every school district in the state received at least one kit.

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