COVID-19 completely changed the way people donate blood and the region continues to suffer from a lack in donations

Community Blood Center announced a blood emergency last week, but the blood supply remains critically low

KANSAS CITY – Community Blood Center (CBC) is continuing to call for more blood donations following the blood emergency that was announced last week. The blood supply remains critically low, with blood types O-, O+ and B- at dangerously low levels.

This month marked three years since the pandemic shut-down, which completely devastated the country and continues to impact the blood supply. Donor behavior has completely changed since March 2020 and corporate, school and college blood drives have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Since the start of the pandemic, CBC has seen a drastic impact on the amount of corporate blood drives; 91 workplace blood drives in the region have not resumed hosting drives largely due to their companies offering work from home options. This has resulted in a loss of 4,722 units of blood annually. CBC has also seen a remarkable decrease in high school and college blood drives, with 31 schools that have not resumed hosting blood drives, resulting in an additional loss of 1,874 units of blood annually.

“We are so grateful to those in our community who came out and donated blood last week when we announced the initial blood shortage, and though we did see a brief increase in donations, our blood supply is still critically low,” said Patsy Shipley, Vice President of Community Blood Center. “As we reach the three year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on our blood supply, we ask please, if you can, come out and donate blood. One hour of your time can save a life.”

Blood donors can give every 56 days, and platelet donors can give twice per month. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently lifted eligibility restrictions for individuals who lived in Europe during certain periods of time. To view current eligibility guidelines, donors can call  1-877-468-6844 or visit

The need is constant, but the supply is not. Visit to schedule an appointment to donate, or call 1-877-468-6844.

About Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City (CBC)

Founded in 1958, Community Blood Center (CBC) provides over 90% of the blood used by hospitals throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as eastern Kansas and western Missouri. CBC provides nearly 200,000 blood products each year to over 60 area hospitals and relies on volunteer donors each day to meet the need for lifesaving gifts of blood. CBC operates 365/24/7 to deliver safe, high quality products to meet transfusion needs for routine care and emergencies. CBC is a Division of New York Blood Center, Inc. (a family of operating Divisions known as New York Blood Center Enterprises). For more information, visit Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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