Area Legislators Talk Bills Affecting Agriculture during Legislative Update

Kansas — During this past weekends’ legislative update with Rep. Lisa Moser and Sen. Elaine Bowers, the two legislators discussed the agriculture bills the two chambers passed this year and some others still under consideration.

One of those bills is house substitute for senate bill 261, also known as the fake meat labeling bill. Rep. Lisa Moser said the house passed the bill unanimously. The bill is now waiting on action from the senate.

Another bill is the raw milk/livestock transportation bill. The bill will require raw milk producers who sell directly to consumers, to label the milk as raw and unpasteurized.

The advertisement also has to include both words. A bill included in the same bill involves the transportation of livestock across state lines. When that occurs, you have to have a certificate of veterinary inspection or health papers for the livestock.

Another bill that passed this year involved removing the sales tax on fencing.

Sen. Bowers said instead the sales tax is now permanently eliminated beginning this July.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rep. Moser and Sen. Bowers in the link below:

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