Authorities Searching for Man at Milford lake

Geary Co., Kan. — Geary County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Eagle Ridge Campground in Milford State Park Saturday afternoon regarding a woman who had drifted to shore in a homemade water vessel.

The woman told deputies, she and a man were walking near Curtis Creek when they found the vessel made from a 55 gallon drum and 2x4s so the couple got into the quote on quote boat but were caught by the wind and pulled towards the main body of the lake.

The man jumped into the water to swim to shore to call for help and was last seen in the water as the woman drifted away. The incident then became a possible drowning.

After searching the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday, multiple agencies across the region have not been able to locate the man.

The search is set to begin again today after sunrise.

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