Benefit Auction for Lisa Kopfer

A Benefit Auction for Lisa Kopfer will be held on Wednesday, July 13th, beginning at 1:00pm.





  1. ½ Hog – Donated from Keeot Farms – Richard & Jody Cott – Processed at Clay

     Center Locker – Packaged However You Want It – Ready in 2 to 3 Weeks –

     Processing Paid by Keeot Farms – Richard & Jody Cott.


  1. Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler – Gray – Tall enough to chill most bottles of wine & keep the

     essentials fresh while you take the scenic route.  Made for the road & ready to go.

     Packs more while taking up less space.  It’s built tall to accommodate critical bottles

     of wine & slim enough to slide behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat of a car.  Now

     that’s what we call a road trip buddy – Donated by Scott & Mary Taddiken – $250



  1. All Beef Grilling Package From Meatworks of Kansas in Riley – Includes (6) 12 oz.

      Rib Eye Steaks; (6) 12 oz. KC Strip Steaks; (6) 12 oz. Top Sirloin Steaks; & (6) 1/3

  1. Ground Beef Patties – Certificate for pickup at Meatworks of Kansas in Riley –

     Sponsored by Advanced Electric LLC, Meatworks of Kansas in Riley, & Thrivent

     Financial.  Will be ready for pickup in one week.


  1. A Blackstone Grill – The Blackstone 1866 36 in. 4 Burner Hard Top Griddle is the

     perfect addition to your grilling tools and accessories. The burner hard top griddle

     measures 36 in. and features a hard top for durability. This hard top grill also

     includes 4 burners for optimal cooking space – Donated by Morganville Valley

     Fertilizer – $350 Value.


  1. $20 Gift Certificate from El Puerto Mexican Restaurant; Plus $20 Gift Certificate

     from Java Junkies; $20 Gift Card from Pizza Hut; $20 Gift Card from Sonic; $20

     Gift Card from Subway Sandwiches & Salads; $20 Gift Card from Wendy’s; $20

     Gift Certificate from 15-24 Brew House; $20 Gift Certificate from Tasty Pastry; $20

     Gift Certificate From LaFiesta Mexican Cantina – Can be Used at Clay Center or

     Manhattan; $20 Gift Card From Emerald City Grill & BBQ; $20 Gift Card from

     Happy Hippie – Sponsors Include Cedar Court Motel,  TSI Kansas, Inc., Union

     State Bank, Valleywide Sales, & Wilder Auto Body, Inc.


  1. ¼ of a Whole Beef – Donated by Russ & Paige Taddiken – Processed by Clay Center

     Locker – Packaged However You Want it – Ready in 4 to 6 Weeks – Processing Paid

     By Russ & Paige Taddiken,


  1. Variety Meats Grilling Package From Meatworks of Kansas in Riley – Includes

    (8) 8 oz. Boneless Pork Chops, (8) 1/3 lb. Ground Beef Patties, (8) 1/3 lb. Bratwursts,

       (8) 8 oz. Smoked Pork Chops, (2) 12 oz. Rib Eye Steaks, (2) 12 oz. KC Strip

       Steaks, & (2)  12 oz. Top Sirloin Steaks – Certificate for pickup at Meatworks of

       Kansas –  Sponsored by Edward Jones – Kerri Spielman, Meatworks of Kansas,

       Thrivent Financial, &  AGI Hutchinson/Mayrath Mfg.  Will be ready for pick up in one  week.


  1. 20 Units of Soybean Seed Plus Treatment ($1300 Value) Plus 2 Bags of Pioneer

     Corn Seed – From Reed Seed – Donated by Darrin Reed of Reed Seed.


                       Make checks out to:  ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH



                                       SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDS.






Lisa Kopfer, Morganville, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme, also known as GBM. She had surgery May 10th at KU Med where the surgeon was able to remove a portion of the tumor. Since surgery, Lisa has had multiple appointments with various doctors to determine a treatment plan. On June 13th, she began radiation in Salina. The treatment plan requires radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. In addition to radiation, Lisa also must take a chemo pill daily. While this diagnosis and treatment has been terrifying enough, Lisa also did not have health insurance. In addition, she has not been able to work since she got sick. While Lisa and her family are currently trying to find a solution to resolve the lack of health insurance, any financial help would be appreciated to help with the costs of transportation to and from Salina, food, etc.

A fundraiser is being held at the United Methodist Church Family Life on Wednesday, June 29, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A sloppy joe meal provided by Ray’s Apple Market consisting of sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes from Vathauer Catering, and green beans, along with a variety of desserts and salads will be served for a free will offering. There will also be an auction that night beginning at 6:00 pm. I am waiting to hear back from Jim Vathauer before I will know if it is going to be a live auction or a silent auction. Anyone who has an item to donate to the auction could call or text Linda Underwood at 785-632-0369 or send me a message on Facebook. Thanks to Pam Everett, Lisa Stonehouse, Deb Wallace, & an anonymous donor for providing the hamburger needed for the sloppy joes. Thanks to an anonymous donor for providing the bottled water needed for the meal. Thanks to Scott & Mary Taddiken for helping sponsor the meal and to Thrivent Financial for graciously providing $250 in supplemental funds.

Anyone wanting to donate to help Lisa and her family with medical or travel expenses could send it to:  Lisa Kopfer, %GN Bank, P. O. Box 260, Clay Center, Ks 67432-0260 or drop it by the bank at 624 W. Crawford St., Clay Center, Ks. Anyone wanting to donate a gas card to help this family could bring it to the meal or mail it to Lisa Kopfer, 204 W. Elizabeth St., Morganville, Ks 67468.

There will also be an on-air auction on KCLY on Wednesday, July 13, beginning at 1:00 pm. If anyone has an item to donate for the on-air auction, please call or text me at 785-632-0369 or send me a message on Facebook. Thrivent Financial is graciously providing $250 in supplemental funds for this auction.



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