Clay Center Aquatic Park Prepares to Fix Leak in Pool

Though the Clay Center Aquatic Park was originally set to open this weekend, celebrating the traditional start of the swimming season with Memorial Day, here has been a delay.

Due to a leak in the fill pit, there has yet to be water added to the pool. There was settling in the concrete that caused a small leak in the fill pit and are issues with the expansion joints coming loose. It’s believed that was caused by improper finishing on the part of the paint crew from when the pool was repainted last spring, according to Phil Kasper, 1st Ward Clay Center City Council and chairman of the Parks and Recs Commission

Kasper said the repairs can be done in-house. The city also had a paint company return this week to provide some guidance and warranty work. Though they would still be able to fill the pool and open it to the public, they prefer to address and fix the issues now, Kasper said. The Parks and Recs Department hopes the repairs don’t delay opening day more than a few days.

They are unsure of the total cost of the repairs.

The original opening date was set for Memorial Day weekend. 

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