Clay County Commissioners Discuss EM, Health Assessment, Baseball, and More

By Quinn O’Hara

On April 15, the Clay County Commissioners met for their regular meeting.

Fair Board President Mike Argo discussed with the Board on behalf of Public Recreation Superintendent Patrick Hayes on the possibility of hauling rock to the ballfield parking lot. Argo reported that 32 horses had been registered to be at the Fair at the time of the meeting.

Emergency Manager Pam Kemp reported on the wildfires around Kansas, stating that the wildfire in Riley, Marshall, and Pottawatomie Counties burnt 8,305 acres. The fire in Marshall County burnt 5,569 acres and the one in Ellis County burnt 6,000 acres. Kemp said these wildfires are a serious issue and continue to happen.

County Health Director Dana Rickley reported that she and CCMC’s Bryce Dolan will be working on the Community Health Assessment, noting that the last survey was sent out in 2019 and 2020.

Sheriff Benninga reported that the Deputies and himself will be attending a Defense Tactic Class this week. Benninga also reported that he will be meeting with the Green Christian School to discuss performing an Active Shooter Exercise for them.

The Board donated $2,000 to Grow Clay County for advertising and purchasing fireworks for a display at the Clay County Fairgrounds for the 4th of July events.

The Adjutant General for the American Legion, Ron Fancella, reported that there will be a Legion Baseball team for 2024. He said they were unable to organize one last year as they were unable to find a coach. He said the American Legion is hoping to host a tournament in Clay Center this year. The Commissioners donated $500 to the American Legion to purchase uniforms for the season

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