Clay County Commissioners Discuss Highway Department, Neighborhood Revitalization, More in Weekly Meeting

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

On the morning of May 28, the Clay County Commissioners met for their regular weekly meeting. The Unofficial Minutes report states that:

Highway Administrator Bobby Shomper met with the Board. He reported that the chip seal project will begin in June. He also reported that the Department will be replacing several pipes for the City of Morganville to help with the handling of water in the case of floods. The Department will also be blading rock roads and opening areas that are holding water on the roads in preparation for more rain.

County Appraiser Danny Mesalles and Austin Gillard of Rural Development Group presented seven single family resident Neighborhood Revitalization Program applications to the Board. The Board unanimously approved all seven applications. The groundbreaking to start the housing addition will be June 10, 2024.

Sheriff Benninga reported that two Officers traveled out of state to pick up a man that was wanted in Clay County.

Chuck Arnold of the Clay County Park reported that he had positive comments about Memorial Weekend and there were no issues during the holiday. Arnold states that he had to run an ATV out of the park and stated that there are signs on all entries to the park that read ‘No ATVs Allowed.’

Anne Clark of the Community Chamber Orchestra reported that the concert held on May 17 at the Morganville School had 60 individuals and 13 musicians in attendance.

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