Clay County Museum Receives Paintings From Green Artists

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

A recent donation has given the Clay County Museum 5 new paintings.

Four of those were painted by Gertrude Klocke, who was born and raised in the community of Green. Throughout her lifetime she painted items of interest she saw in Green and the surrounding areas such as old barns and grain mills. The fifth painting was painted by her son, Thomas Klocke, of the house at 529 Dexter St. in Clay Center.

Richard Klocke, who donated the paintings, said that after his brother and mother passed, he decided to donate their paintings to museums in the area to keep the local history alive.

Klocke said his mother had an interest in painting from an early age and was the Editor of the Art Club at the Green High School during her time there in the late 1930s. Klocke said she also attended painting classes in Clay Center.

Diana Shaner, the museum’s Curator of Artifacts, said that when she was offered the paintings by Klocke, she jumped on the opportunity, stating that the items were, “something you just can’t pass up.” For now, the museum staff said the paintings will be displayed in the Clay County Museum’s meeting room until a proper display can be set up.

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