Commander of Kansas American Legion Attends MART Fundraising Dinner

By Ryan Duey

Randy Frank, the commander of the Kansas American Legion, attended the Manhattan Area Resettlement Team’s (MART) fundraising dinner hosted by Pearce-Keller Post 17 in Manhattan last Friday evening to learn about Afghan culture and support Afghan refugees who relocated to Kansas after the Taliban’s takeover in 2021.

As a military veteran, Frank emphasized the importance of aiding Afghan allies who assisted during the War in Afghanistan. The dinner, prepared by local Afghan women from the Hazara group, showcased Afghan hospitality and aimed to integrate Afghan immigrants into the community.

Fatima Jaghoori, a MART co-founder and Hazaragi member, highlighted the Legion’s significant support for Afghan refugees. Ana Mendonca-Zarling, MART’s executive director, emphasized the dinner’s role in raising awareness about their efforts to assist refugees, with over 200 Afghans resettling in Manhattan since 2021.

This dinner was a way to honor and support Manhattan’s newest residents.

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