Customer Service Changes for Junction City City Hall

Junction City, Kan. — Customer service at City Hall in Junction City is undergoing remodeling and estimated to take three weeks. Some changes to services have occurred due to the project.

Lindsay Miller, JC Finance Director, in an email said customer service is temporarily located in the basement of city hall. They also have limited phone access which could result in delayed responses so they are asking everyone to use alternative options in the meantime.

For utility payments you can pay your bill online for no additional fee at

You can also call their 24/7 888 number at 1-888-730-7263. If calling in though you need your account number and your house number which you can find on your bill.

Other options include:

  1. Drop Box out in front of City Hall
  2. Setup Bank Draft and your bill be auto drafted.
  3. Make a Payment in person at City Hall in the basement.

You can still call the main line, but again response times could be delayed.  To ensure a timely payment, they recommend use of one of the options listed above.  All due dates will remain as listed on your bill.

For general inquiries, the ask that you email them at

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