Former Concordia Teacher Issues Apology to School Board

Bruce Jacobs, a former middle school science and horticulture teacher at Concordia Public Schools, issued a court-ordered public apology to the USD 333 School Board on Monday June, 12th.

Jacobs was let go from his position back in September 2022 after a school board meeting in August where he got into a “heated confrontation” with school board member Tony Miller. Jacobs was upset because the school had decided to spray products to kill weeds which in turn ended up destroying the butterfly garden on campus. The argument even spilled out into the streets.

After the argument occurred, Jacobs shared that he didn’t know the garden was going to be killed until after it had already happened. Superintendent Breese said they had planned to move the garden to an area that was out of sight of members of the public. When Jacobs was let go, students created petitions and expressed how upset they were over the decision.

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