Gas Station Gold Scam Happening in Junction City

Junction City, KS- A local pawn shop in Junction City has made a very disturbing discovery, another scam going around.  This is not a new scam by any means, this is happening all across the country.

On the FB post they stated that there are strangers at a gas station or a parking lot and they are approaching individuals and trying to sell jewelry.  They will tell you a heart felt story to tug on your heart strings, and the sad thing is, they are usually lying.

The jewelry is usually stamped with 18K, magnetic, and have a brassy hue, and according to the pawn shop, they are working both Wal-Mart Parking lots and convenience stores around Junction City. Real gold is not magnetic.

Captain Odell from the Junction City Police Department stated that they had not received any reports of this happening, but they are currently investigating the claims.

The only information that has been released about the suspect is that they are driving a black SUV.  If you are approached by anyone trying to sell you any types of goods in a parking lot, contact law enforcement right away with as much information as you can give them.


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