Governor Laura Kelly Celebrates the Valor of KHP Master Trooper who Risked His Life to Help Stranded Driver

Topeka, Kan. — Governor Laura Kelly joined Kansas Highway Patrol Colonel Herman Jones today to recognize the actions of Master Trooper Karl Koenig, who risked his own life while helping stranded travelers in the middle of severe winter weather storm. 

“The actions by Master Trooper Karl Koenig that day is just another example of the many amazing things that the men and women of the law enforcement community do every day in Kansas,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I know I speak for everyone when I say how grateful we all are for Master Trooper Koenig’s heroic actions.” 

During a February 2022 snowstorm, Master Trooper Koenig approached the vehicle of a stranded driver who had spun out along the Kansas Turnpike. As he was assisting the travelers, other motorists continued to pass by. Within an instant he dived through the air into an icy ditch, narrowly avoiding being hit by a semi-truck that was traveling too fast to stop. Seconds later he returned to the car to get the stranded driver and her daughter to safety.

“Master Trooper Koenig’s quick and decisive actions likely prevented additional collisions and potential injuries to other motorists and himself,” Colonel Herman Jones said. “His selfless actions, decision to expedite his response to the scene, and park his emergency vehicle in a manner protecting the previous collision clearly demonstrates his dedication to preserving lives and property through service, courtesy, and protection. 

Governor Kelly and Colonel Jones presented Master Trooper Koenig with a Super Hero Award for his quick actions and continued service to the Kansas Highway Patrol. Master Trooper Koenig is a 33-year veteran of the Kansas Highway Patrol. 

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