Grow Clay County Partners with USD379

Grow Clay County is partnering with USD 379 to apply for grant funding for an early learning center to help increase childcare availability and this grant funding will save the taxpayers $2.2 million. A vital element of a great grant application is to show support and collaboration for a project, including from city and county officials.

A data sheet also provided to the commissioners encompassing the survey results and displays real-time data from Kansas Childcare Aware.

Grow Clay county approached the county commissioners for $5000 and, at the bare minimum, a support letter. Unfortunately, the commissioners are only hearing a few negative voices.

The stadium project and the fear that this project could raise taxes in the future are overshadowing the importance of this project to families, businesses, and growth in the community

The impact of presence will show this project is needed and supported in the community.

The negativity and concern for past projects shouldn’t hinder future projects important to the sustainability and growth of a community.

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