Junction City High School’s CTE Program Aims to Help Students Succeed after Graduation

By Ryan Duey

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at Junction City High School helps students grow to address what they may want to do after they graduate high school.

Kale Katt, CTE Coordinator, says it is a 3-tier program with the goal of having students progress through a pathway to get deep-rooted learning and hands-on experience in their plan of study.

Katt says the Community plays a large role in the program, with the internship program being the biggest connection between students and community leaders.

There are multiple pathways for the students to choose from including: Auto Shop, J-Store, and Tax Sight (where certified students do income taxes for the community at no charge). The program is set with the goal of helping all students find their path and grow to become confident, successful members of the community after they graduate.

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