KHA’s Initiatives and 2024 Workforce Survey Shed Light on State’s Progress and Future Outlook

By Trish Svoboda

The healthcare sector in Kansas has started witnessing improvements in workforce metrics across the state, yet the lasting effects of the pandemic continue to pose challenges. The 2024 Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) Annual Workforce Survey plays a pivotal role in assessing the state of workforce vacancies and turnover in 33 chosen roles, serving as the main reference for compiling this report.

In 2023, Kansas saw a steady 19% turnover rate, but a drop in job vacancies from 16% to 13% for the first time in three years. This decrease is attributed to over 900 new registered nurses (RNs) reducing the RN vacancy rate from 21% to 15%. In addition, RN turnover fell from 18% to 16%. However, vacancies increased for advanced practice providers. Diagnostic imaging professions saw lower turnover, but more unfilled jobs, except for nuclear medicine technologists. Non-clinical roles, specifically housekeepers and food service workers experienced the highest turnover at 34%. According to the Kansas Department of Labor, respiratory therapists are the fastest-growing occupation with a 22% growth rate. RNs are expected to see the largest job increase with 3,192 new positions by 2030.

The KHA is involved in several new initiatives aimed at supporting the healthcare workforce and overcoming obstacles that hinder the successful recruitment and retention of a strong workforce. You can view the full report here.

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