Local Store Offers Prom Dresses to Students at No Charge.

Clay Center, KS- Prom season is coming up, and that means plans for who’s going to drive what, who the date is going to be, and what to wear.  Luckily and thankfully, a local store in Clay Center can help many young ladies find that perfect dress.

Jerry Mayo, the owner of Mayo’s in Clay Center has been giving dresses to not just Clay Center, but anyone attending prom for about the last three years, and currently they have about 75 dresses available to use.

Mayo tells me that he has dresses for other formal occasions too.

So when prom is over this year, instead of storing that dress in the back of the closet to never see the light of day again, donate the dress for future generations to use.

So if you’re a student and are looking for that perfect dress, be sure to take a peek.

Because of all of the generous donors, they aren’t able to accept any more dresses at this time. If you are interested in looking to see what dresses are available, you can stop at the store Monday through Friday from 930 to 530 or on Saturday’s from 9 to 4.


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