Medication Prices On the Rise

Clay Center, Kan. — Going in to get your prescription or even something generic for a headache is putting more of a hole in your pocket as supply chain issues also put strain on what’s in stock at your local pharmacy.

Scott Patterson, owner of Patterson’s Health Mart and Radio Shack in Clay Center, said prices have increased for both, but especially for new products. He also said they’ve had difficulties with getting medication in.

When it comes to prices, prescription drugs have seen more of an increase with generic drugs not being as widely available as before. Due to the price increase, some of the products look a little different causing confusion with patients and pharmacist because they’re coming from a different manufacturer.

The price increases are hitting both insurance and the patients wallet too. Insurance companies, Patterson says, when it comes to newer medications, are not allowing them to be paid for and want prior authorization.

He said while it’s not great news, one silver lining is sometimes the patients gets out of the gap coverage if they have a deductible quicker.

Patterson doesn’t expect an improvement in generic medication prices until supply chain issues get resolved and the labor force is back at work. As far as brand name prescriptions, he doesn’t see prices changing anytime soon.

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