North Riley County EMS Station Location Chosen

Riley Co., Kan. — Riley County Commissioners decided on the location of the North Riley County EMS Station. They’re choices were between Randolph and Leonardville.

EMS/Ambulance Director David Adams presented them with the two options and discussed the way it would impact services in the area.

The longest response time with the station in Leonardville would be 22 minutes in the Swede Creek area. The longest time for the first option was 16 minutes.

Along with other commissioners, Commissioner John Ford cited future development in both areas and decided Leonardville would be the best location for the new facility.

Adams continued later discussing the financial impact the new facility would bring including a new ambulance, cardiac monitor, CPR device and radios for the ambulance.

The three commissioners agreed to purchase the equipment for the EMS station. The ambulance will be two years before it comes to the county. In the meantime, a new ambulance is already expected this summer, so instead of selling the old vehicle it will be used at the Leonardville Facility.

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