Poinsettia Care

Kelsey Hatesohl, River Valley Extension Agent- Horticulture

Poinsettia varieties will stay attractive long into the new year if given proper care. Here are some important tips for keeping your poinsettia thriving long after the holiday season. Place your poinsettia in a sunny window or the brightest area of the room, but be sure to not let it touch any cold window pane. The day temperature of the room should be 65 to 75°F with 60 to 65°F at night. When temperatures get above 75°F it will shorten the bloom life, and below 60°F may cause root rot. You will want to move plants away from drafty windows at night or close the drapes to avoid damage from the cold.

Poinsettias are somewhat finicky in regard to soil moisture. You want to avoid overwatering because poinsettias do not like “wet feet”, which means they don’t like to sit in water. On the other hand, if the plant is allowed to wilt, it will drop some leaves. So how do you maintain the proper moisture? You should examine the potting soil daily by sticking your finger about one-half inch deep into the soil. If it is dry to this depth, the plant needs to be watered. When it becomes dry to the touch, water the plant with lukewarm water until some water runs out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, then discard the drainage water.

I hope these tips will help keep your poinsettia thriving into the new year.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by or contact me in the in the Washington office by calling 785-325-2121 or emailing khatesohl@ksu.edu.

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