Riley County Police Department Reminds Residents to be Prepared for Tornados

Kansans have been reminded about the importance of preparedness as Riley County marks the anniversary of two separate tornadoes. Riley County Police Department took to Facebook on Sunday to remind residents that despite being used to severe weather conditions, to remain prepared for worst-case scenarios.

The first of the tornados happened in 2008, when an EF-4 tornado touched down just outside of Ogden, before its path took it through areas of Manhattan, ending just before it reached Tuttle Creek Blvd.

The second happened last year as part of a supercell that moved south from Nebraska across Northeast Kansas. During that storm, an EF-2 tornado hit Riley County and touched down in a neighborhood east of the K-State campus.

Officials noted that this serves as a good reminder to check emergency supplies. Ensure weather radios and flashlights are in working condition and speak with loved ones about emergency plans. If neighbors do not have shelter, residents can reach out to offer a safe place in the event of severe weather.

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