Search for Abducted Atlanta Baby Goes Nationwide

Alexandria, Virginia, Feb. 22, 2023 – Today, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is going nationwide to help solve a decades-old infant abduction mystery out of Atlanta. To generate fresh leads in the missing case of Raymond Green, NCMEC is partnering with national digital video network GSTV to spotlight Raymond’s case on screens across the country.
In a first-of-its-kind effort, all GSTV screens will highlight just one case nationwide. GSTV has more than 28,000 fuel retailers in 48 states.* This is an unprecedented effort to reach people who may have never heard of Raymond’s story but might be the key to bringing him home. At a press conference today, Atlanta Police Department and NCMEC released a new image, which shows what Raymond might look like today at age 44. This new image was created by a forensic artist at NCMEC. “We believe that Raymond could be out there and may not know his real identity,” said Angeline Hartmann, Director of Communications at NCMEC. “We’ve worked with families in similar situations where their babies were kidnapped and then found alive as adults. Today, Raymond could be anywhere and GSTV has given us this invaluable opportunity to reach the entire country. We’re asking everyone to take a moment and really look at both Raymond’s image and the image of his abductor. You never know if you’ll be that one person who can make a difference.”

Raymond Green was just five days old when he was abducted from his home in Atlanta, Georgia on Nov. 6, 1978. After giving birth at Grady Memorial Hospital, Raymond’s mother, Donna, was
befriended by a woman who called herself “Lisa.” That woman later showed up at Donna’s home and abducted baby Raymond. There is no photograph of Raymond, only a sketch from Donna’s memory. NCMEC forensic artists used photos of Raymond’s siblings and other family to estimate what he might look like today. NCMEC and GSTV have partnered together for the last several years, getting critical cases of missing children on gas station screens in key locations. Since the start of the partnership, GSTV has shared more than 460 missing children’s posters. “Our partnership with NCMEC has helped reunite missing children with their parents since 2019. Normally, we activate in any given 25 states at one time, so this effort marks a major step up in terms of scale,” said Violeta Ivezaj, SVP, Business Operations, GSTV. “By turning our screens to a single case for the first time, we hope to leverage the attention we have with our viewers and garner the visibility Raymond’s family needs to bring him home.”

The campaign on GSTV’s screens will run for two weeks. If you have any information about Raymond Green, please call Crimestoppers Atlanta 404-577-TIPS (8477) or NCMEC at 1-800-843-5678

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