Sen. Marshall Discusses Fertilizer Prices and Ukraine-Russian Conflict

Clay Co., Kan. — US Senator Roger Marshall visited with Clay County residents on Friday answering questions and concerns from fertilizer prices to the Russian-Ukraine Conflict.

Fertilizer prices have increased significantly for farmers.

The senator pointed to multiple problems causing the price hike including a lack of energy independence, bottlenecks in the supply chain, and people continuing to be paid to stay at home.

During the conversation countervailing duties with phosphate fertilizer prices came up with one guest asking Senator Marshall on what progress is being made within the World Trade Organization.

Countervailing duties (CVDs) are imposed after an investigation finds that a foreign county subsidizes its exports, hurting domestic producers in the importing country.

On the topic energy independence, just a year ago, Sen. Marshall said we had that and now we’ve lost it. He added Russia is able to hold the energy situation over not just America’s head but all of Europe.

Recently, Sen. Marshall introduced legislation that would ban the U.S. purchase of Russian Oil due to the invasion of Ukraine. Sen Joe Mansion also introduced a bill.

The question was asked if the Keystone XL Pipeline could be a possible solution. Sen. Marshall said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently shot that down by saying it would take years to get it in operation.

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