Sen. Moran Confirmed as Ranking Member of Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs (SVAC) confirmed U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (Kan.) as the Ranking Member of the committee. Sen. Moran announced his priorities for the 118th Congress.

“The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee delivered several achievements last year that weren’t Republican or Democrat wins but veteran wins,” said Sen. Moran. “I look forward to continuing my role as ranking member and working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to continue advocating for our veterans and delivering results for the nation’s heroes.”

SVAC Republican Priorities for the 118th Congress:

  • Toxic Exposure: Monitoring the implementation of the PACT Act to make certain the VA is adhering to the law’s intent and providing newly eligible veterans with timely, quality care and benefits.
  • Suicide Prevention: Ensuring the John Scott Hannon Act is being implemented across the nation to help veterans receive mental health care and prevent veteran suicide.
  • Protecting Veterans’ Choice: Making certain VA is affording veterans every opportunity to freely choose where, when and how to use VA health care and benefits and delivering timely and high-quality care in every instance.
  • Transitioning out of Military Service: Making certain servicemembers and their families have support to be successful after military service and ensuring DoD and VA are working together to facilitate a smooth transition, including connection to services across the nation.
  • Electronic Health Record Modernization: Conducting oversight of the EHRM program after delays have exposed weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Modernizing VA Facilities: Bringing VA facilities across the country into the 21st century and resolving issues with the Asset and Infrastructure Review process.

Veteran Homelessness: Tackling veteran homelessness through oversight of existing practices and building on successful programs

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